Project Description


Walnut Filling is ready thermostable filling ready to use after mixing with water(1 kg of the filling, and 0.45 liters of water). It is used for filling of various strudels and rolls. After baking the filling is homogeneous (no grinding). Walnuts contain a lot of oil and are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Packaging size: Bags of 2 kg under an inert atmosphere.

Technological process:

Raw material Quantity (kg)

  • Kroasan lux 100
  • Yeast 4-6
  • Margarine in kneading 5
  • Walnut Stuffing 20
  • Water 50-60
  • Margarine in dough 50

Mixing time: 30 minutes (spiral mixer)

Dough temperature: 20 ° C

Bulk fermentation: 10 minutes

Divide into pieces

Inserting margarine

5×3 bed

Stretching to 3 mm

Cutting, forming and filling

Final proofing: 45-50 minutes

Baking temperature 250 – 230 ° C

Baking time: 23-25 ​​minutes