KRSULJ Company is a family company that manufactures materials/additives for bakery and confectionery. We offer a large number of flavoring mixture for special types of bread and rolls, thermostable fruit fillings, fillings for pastries and strudels.

Bread improvers

Bread and dough improvers makes production easier and give great safety to success of your products.

Mixtures for special types of bread and rolls

Old mill products are mixtures for special types of bread and pastry. They guarantee standardized quality, makes production easier and don’t require special equipment and procedures.

Fruit filling

We offer a large assortment of strudel fillings. Simple and easy to the unique pleasure of the taste.

Fruit filling for donuts and rolls

We offer a large assortment of fillings for donuts and pastries.

Thermostable filling

The rich assortment of special dedicated fillings will make your products attractive and distinctive.

Pastry and catering program

Our large selection of products for confectioners and caterers facilitates production and ensure diversity of your products.